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Week of January 20 - 23

FINAL EXAMS and End of Semester!

What a busy week! The end of the semester brings final exams. This is where students demonstrate their understanding of everything that was taught to them in the semester and hopefully maintain it as they transition into a new semester. Included in this week's newsletter are some study tips and some information regarding discarded books and the upcoming book fair. Also, please consider donating to our soon to be Maker Space. Our students deserve a place to be creative and inventive! Good luck on your final exams, students!

Students need Supplies/Donations!

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Please consider donating...

Our school serves a very diverse population of students and families. We celebrate all interests and differences and are a pretty tight-knit community of learners. Our learners respect and value each other. Collaboration and creative thinking is celebrated and the idea of creating a space for "makers" is extremely exciting and motivating.

Having a maker space available to our students will enable our students a space to tinker and create. They will be able to collaborate to bring about learning concepts that may not have been possible before. Traditional study halls will now have K'NEX kits, paint, drawing supplies, duct tape, yarn, origami, and a variety of other creative outlets to allow innovation and creative thought.

Maker spaces are the up and coming trend in school libraries. If students have these materials, their brains will be actively working to build, play, weave, fold, and sketch with a variety of materials. Budgets given to media specialists traditionally have been used for books and curriculum materials. Now, they are generally used for eBooks which are double and triple the traditional book prices. Maker space materials are way beyond my budget means. Our students deserve these materials.

If you can find it in your means to help fund this grant request even with a small donation, please click the following link: