The Rhode Island Colony

By: Russell Wismer


The Rhode Island Colony wasn't just a bunch of roads, but history that is very exciting and interesting. Rhode Island is known for its large history but ironically is the smallest of the fifty states! The people of Rhode Island were among some of the most memorable Colonial Americans, even the ones from Portugal. Rhode Island is known to be discovered by the Colonists, besides the Indians, but it may be possible that the colony was truly discovery by the Scandanaviens, or the Vikings, as many call them.

Facts About the Rhode Island Colony

Believe it or not, Rhode Island was, before a colony, one of the largest islands, Aquidneck. Rhode Island is the smallest state of them all, but has the largest name. Ironic, huh? But the name 'Rhode Island' isn't the full name, originally. The real name of the island is ' Rhode Island and Providence Plantations'. Rhode Island was part of Massachusetts Bay Colony, but later was made into its own colony, in 1636. The towns at the time that were in Rhode Island were Providence, which was the State Capital and the biggest city in Rhode Island, Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket, Woonsocket, and Newport. Providence had the biggest population in Rhode Island in the Colonial times. Not only was Rhode Island among the historical, but was also among historical people.

Exploration Of the First Rhode Islanders

As Rhode Island was still wild, some explorers arrived and created a new colony. Leif Eriksson could have been the first to arrive in Rhode Island, as he was many other places. He and his followers were believed to have somehow come across Rhode Island somehow on his treacherous journey through our country in the very early years. The first European that was for sure to be the first to Rhode Island was an Italian who sailed for the king, Giovanni de Varrazano. William Blackstone was the first to colonize Rhode Island. He bought land from the local Indians and erected a home, which later grew around his home and became the town of Providence, Rhode Island. The future people of Rhode Island went to the island of Aquidneck, and settled to make the colony known as Rhode Island. It was a historical time, indeed.

Life and People in Colonial Rhode Island

A majority of the people in Rhode Island were historical but nothing could match their live during the Colonial times. Roger Williams founded Rhode Island in 1636. Williams was previously banished from Massachusetts Bay Colony, then later he started to settle near the Narragansett Indians. About one sixth of the people in Rhode Island lived in the town of Providence, Rhode Island. Providence was the largest town in all of Rhode Island at the time. The Rhode Island ministers established schools for boys. Some established Dame Schools for girls and small boys. Dame Schools were taught by woman teachers in their own homes. Most people that lived in Rhode Island were either from Great Britain or born in the colonies, but a great number of the people that came to Rhode Island from different countries came from Portugal, a great sailing country. The people of Rhode Island were really the ones to remember.


The Rode Island Colony was one of the Thirteen Colonies, which makes it one of the most historic places among us. Though the Rhode Island Colony was still new and isolated, it has the most interesting process and lots of facts about just that. The wild Rhode Island was still isolated from the colonists, that didn't stop its frequent explorers to journey through the treacherous land that was in the making. The people of Rhode Island were a big help in the making of the historical Thirteen Colonies. The Rhode Island Colony may have been the smallest colony, but it made the biggest process over it's process of making a great colony for all of it's occupants.


1.) Aquidneck: The island that later became part of the Rhode Island Colony.

2.) Giovanni de Varrazano: The first to explore the area of Rhode Island before it was founded. An Italian who sailed for the King of England.

3.) Isolated: Hidden; Kept from others, or separated from others.

4.) Leif Eriksson: The son of Erik the Red. A great explorer among the Vikings.

5.) Treacherous: Very dangerous or difficult to deal with. Dangerous land or difficult and rough land.



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