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Snap-Shot Day Information

What is "Snap-Shot" Day?

SCASL (South Carolina Association for School Librarians) hosts a Snap-Shot day to see what's going on in different library media centers, advocate for library media programs, and compare like schools. So, for us, it was basically taking one normal library day and collect data. I thought I'd share the information with you as I was somewhat surprised by some of my findings.

Thursday, November 29th

# of classes - 6

# of students seen in classes – approximately 134

# of students checking out materials that were NOT with a class – 27

# of teachers checking out materials that were NOT with a class – 12

# of items checked out - 402 (HOLY COW, that's a lot of checking out!)

Written and Verbal Comments from Patrons

"What the library means to me - a great resource for research projects, a good selection of Big Books, and an awesome collection in the literacy library. It houses great books; and books are presents you can open again and again. Of course, it is all run by a super media specialist!" - Teacher

"The library has lots of great things for the teachers and students. The librarian is very helpful in giving ideas and providing resources." - Teacher

"Me and Mrs. Ainsworth is cool because she gives us books." -Student

"Mrs. Ainsworth works at the library at my school. She is called the librarian. Once, when my class came in, she was eating a peanut buttercup. She was just about to put it in her mouth. Then we walked in. She didn't get to eat her chocolate. It was funny. That's why I like the library, it's a fun place to be." - Student (I think this one was my favorite... heehee)

"Books are so special." - Student

"I recommend this place to anyone!" - Student

"I don't know how Mrs. Ainsworth bought all these books, but I'm glad they did. I hope they pay her so she can buy some more." - Student

What I Took Away from Snap-Shot Day...

Two things :

1. The majority of items being circulated were items on display. While Pinkalicious and Clifford are great, that's not the library's "claim to fame." We are making the push for informational text, and the students find something else before they ever get to where the information text are located. So, I'm in the process of rethinking and recreating displays.

2. This is a great place to be!!!