Genital Warts

by Sophie C. TB 7

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Genital warts are warts located on or near the genital areas.

Germ Type

Genital warts are a group of viruses called HPV. HPV stands for human papillomavirus.
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Genital warts are transmitted through intimate contact. It can also be transmitted from a mother to a child during child birth.


Symptoms include itchiness around the anus and vaginal itching. Sometimes, warts could be visible, but it depends.


There is no cure for genital warts. However, treatments can reduce the number of warts and help them go away faster.


In women, it could lead to cervical cancer. The warts can grow bigger and multiply. There is also a chance that it could spread to other people.


The only way that you can fully prevent genital warts is to not have sex. However, using a condom can help protect you from genital warts.