An overview by Alyssa

Overview/History of Sonnet

Comes from the Italian word sonneto, which means "a little sound or song" a sonnet is a popular old compelled for centuries. There are 2 sonnet forms which is Petrachan and Shakespearean.

Purpose of a Sonnet

The purpose of the sonnet is to express the feeling of love in his/her beloved.

Characteristics of a Sonnet

It is always 14 lines long, and has an iambic pentameter which also has rhyme scheme.

Examples of a Sonnet

An Italian sonnet

by James DeFord, written in 1997:

Turn back the heart you've turned away

Give back your kissing breath

Leave not my love as you have left

The broken hearts of yesterday

But wait, be still, don't lose this way

Affection now, for what you guess

May be something more, could be less

Accept my love, live for today.

Your roses wilted, as love spurned

Yet trust in me, my love and truth

Dwell in my heart, from which you've turned

My strength as great as yours aloof.It is in fear you turn away

And miss the chance of love today!

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