st.charles igh school

by:ranaza daniels

el horario

school starts at 7:25 to 2:15.each of our classes here at st Charles high school is 86 minutes long. we about 9 class periods for each kid.

la salas

we have a cafeteria which is located almost as soon as you walk in the main intrents.also we have a gymnasium and pool or gym is located next to cafeteria and for gym our pol in a hallway away. St.Charles is very big and new we also have a auditorium which is located in front of gym and cafeteria.

las materias

some of the subject we have here is math,science,theater,social studies, Spanish and gym which is most of the classes im taking now .

las actividas

here we have lots of sports and activity's to do such as girls basketball an boys cheer, football as for clubs and activity's we have modeling chest club ect.

the persona

we lots of head authority's we have the students we have the principle the vis also we have administrators ect.


we are not aloud to have any phones out during school hour you may not use the bathroom first 10 min and last 10 mins of class also don't be left in hall during hallway sweep with out pass
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st.charles high school

st.Charles is a good brand new school to come to .you or your parents will not be let down we have activities ect.