Library and Tech News

February 5th, 2016

Plickers Student Response System

Many of you have asked about different student response apps that can be used if your students do NOT have their own device. Plickers is an app getting a lot of buzz AND one that lends itself well to being used with a Surface. Your students do NOT need a laptop or any other kind of device. They each get a printed sheet with an individual code. You use the app to scan the room to get the feedback from their responses. Check it out or see this article from Iowa tech expert Johnathan Wylie.

Beginner's Guide to Twitter

Many of you are already avid Twitter users. It is a great networking tool, but also fun to use to follow sports, events, experts in our profession, and famous people. If you have not yet joined and want more information, here is a great 25 video that will help get you started!

Step by Step for Learn 360

A few weeks ago I highlighted the Learn 360 district subscription resource. Library Services just sent out this Smore put together by the OPS Tech Trainers. It has a a nice step by step introduction with screen shots to get you started if you have not yet had a chance to check it out!