AE Staff Newsletter

January 4, 2016



Welcome back and Happy 2016!

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide everyone with information and updates related to our AE family and activities.

Included in this newsletter are:

  • facilities update,
  • teacher eval update,
  • Leader in Me information,
  • school meeting reminder,
  • staff meeting agenda for Jan. 6,
  • special visitors,
  • January/February staff calendar.

As you know, my focus for this year is on building relationships. Should you have any feedback/suggestions on this newsletter, please let me know.



Facilities Update

Our building was a busy place over break!

If you have not noticed, the cafeteria floors have been completely redone. Tim and I worked together to select the design and choose a color scheme that match the already existing wall/ceiling colors. The steps on the stage have been redone as well. They are beautiful and durable. Have a look and I think you'll agree that they look beautiful!

Tim painted the green wall in the lab over break. He also fixed up the blue wall. I think it's a big change and our lab re-design is moving along. It's so exciting to watch this room grow into a collaboratively designed space for creativity and exploration.

Teacher Eval Update

Teacher evaluations will be an agenda item for our staff meeting this week.

I believe Daryl has shared some updates with you in regards to teacher evaluations. I will clarify and answer questions when we meet on Wednesday.

There has been a change in legislation in regards to the student growth component. Starting this school year, teachers must measure student growth in multiple ways. For us, this means that teachers will choose two student growth measures from this menu. Each teacher will be required to turn in two student growth documentation forms providing the required data for each student growth measurement. I'm hopeful that we can use a growth measure that we are already using so that this does not become an additional 'test' for our students. We will discuss this on Wednesday.

As additional updates in legislation or implementation are shared with me, I will continue to pass them along.

Leader In Me Information

As promised, I have transcribed our sticky notes and jigsaw jots into google docs. I have created a 'Leader in Me' folder within our 'AE Staff Information' folder. All of the notes for our book study and Leader in Me discussions will be in that folder. We will reflect on our journey thus far with our book study, review our group thinking over time, and refine our next steps for this process during our next delayed start.

Click here to be taken directly to the 'Leader in Me' folder.

School Meeting Sign Up

Please click here for the school meeting sign up sheet. Sign up your class, grade level, or club to share at or lead one of our school meetings. You can share your ASL projects, put on a play, have kids lead a motivational/inspirational message, etc. The sky is the limit, just please have a purpose. I would love if every child and staff member had an opportunity to be a part of these special gatherings.

Fourth grade will be the guests of honor this week. Please make sure your group/grade level/project can have an opportunity to share their story.

January 6th Staff Meeting Agenda

The purpose of Wednesday's staff meeting will be to review three items:

  • Attendance/Tardy Policy
  • Teacher Eval Clarification
  • M-Step Data

While you know how I feel about using our time together for informational items, these are important and deserve the time. No worries, I'll certainly include some thinking and sharing.

Special Visitors

In January we will be hosting some special guests for some special assistance with our SOAR/Synergy work.

On January 22nd, Radhika and Carrie will be here to meet with you in regards to the Learning Trajectory document that connects with the Learning Feedback Document. On this day you will meet as a K/1, 2/3, and 4/5 band for a 2 hour block. Radhika has asked you complete this survey so that the time may best suit your needs. Stacey and I will work on the schedule and securing the guest teachers.

On January 26th, Holly Johnson and Phyllis will be here to host open office hours for Synergy/Learning Feedback Document support. They will be in the conference room and will be available for drop in support as your schedule allows.

Please let me know of any questions/concerns in regards to either of these special days.


Click here to view our staff calendar for January and February.