Bradfield Bridging

Where we bridge Broncos to excellence!

What is Bridging?

The Bridging process is a HPISD Special Programs' initiative that strives to create a successful and seamless transition for students with special needs each school year. This process begins with a Bridging Day that involves the transfer of information, resources, and support from teacher to teacher and campus to campus.

This initiative not only takes place during this one event, these activities continue to occur throughout the school year in order to ensure student success.

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What is Bridging Day?

Bridging Day takes place the week before school starts and includes the entire faculty. Along with reviewing many supports available on campus, the special education team will discuss confidentiality and have specific training on various special education topics that affect us as educators. The majority of the day is devoted to meetings with the special education team and teachers who have students in special education. During the meeting, the general education teachers are given information about their students served in special education. Some examples include IEP goals, classroom accommodations, effective strategies for classroom success, information from the previous year's general education teacher, information from the student's special education teacher and information from the student's parents. For students who have a hard time with transition, their parents may contact the new teacher to schedule a one-on-one visit to meet the teacher and visit the classroom.

What does Bridging look like during the school year?

  • Collaboration meetings with general and special education teachers
  • Conferences with teachers and parents
  • Transition ARD meetings
  • Parent Coffees

What is SEPAC and who are our Bradfield Representatives?

The Special Education Parent Advisory Committee or SEPAC is committed to working in partnership with parents, the schools, and the district. The committee, which is comprised of parent liaisons from each campus and other community members, meets monthly. Those who have a child receiving special education services and wish to voice concerns or seek information from a parent perspective may contact their school's representative. Bradfield's SEPAC representative is Barbra Lena and our SEPAC representative for the Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD) is Molly Russell. Please feel free to contact either one.

Barbra Lena: 781-475-0641 or

Molly Russell: 214-991-6509 or

We need your input and support. How can you help?

You can help by contacting your child's special education teachers and/or me with any questions or concerns you may have. Also, SEPAC sends parent bridging surveys requesting information on what went well with bridging and what suggestions you may have to improve bridging services. When you complete and return the surveys, the information is used to help improve success for students.