The Brain

Emotions can impact Leaning!!

To all of my fellow teachers...

We can change the way our students learn and succeed, by changing the way we teach them. Based on how a student feels, impacts how they process information.

The Thinking Brain

The thinking brain, or the prefrontal cortex is where a person processes information and then reflects on it. It is 17% of the brain. Based on how a person feels, determines how much information and what information travels to the thinking brain.

The Reactive Brain

The reactive brain is the part of the brain towards the lower back part of the brain. It makes up 83% of the brain. In the reactive brain, information is reacted by instinct. The reactive brain holds the limbic system, hippocampus and amygdala. If information does not make it to the thinking brain, the information goes to the reactive brain.


If a student feels positive emotions, like happiness, joy, or pride, the student can take in more information of what we teach them. Their RAS is like a gatekeeper. It is the first filter the information goes through to reach the think brain. When a person has positive emotions all the filters, including the RAS is open more and can take in more information. If a student is feeling negative emotions, like fear, shame, doubt, the information is ignored. It goes through one ear and out the other. Emotions can interrupt or change the way the information is processed.

How it can make a Difference

If students are in a positive environment, they can learn more. As teachers, we want our students to learn and achieve as much as possible. Having our students in a positive place, gets them to achieve more and learn more.

How We Can Help

Us, the teachers, can create a positive environment in the classrooms. We can also help students with there out of school problems by listening and talking with them. We should give them less stressful work to do as well.

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