Digital Coaches' Corner

Week 21 5/4/2015

LIncoln's Coffin recreated in Jersey County- A real Life PBL unit that shows a love of learning.

This past weekend Springfield, Illinois had a reenactment of President Lincoln's Funeral to commemorate the 150th anniversary. Jersey County was very well represented in this ceremony of the historical societies of Grafton, Elsah and Chatauqua. These groups came together to build a replica of the President's coffin and they call it the Great Rivers Lincoln Coffin.

The students in Mr. Eberlin's and Mrs. Rowling's classes had the privilege of "meeting" Frank Sands the undertaker who built President Linoln's coffin in 1865. Mrs. Mary Lillesve and Frank Sands (Mr. George Provenzano) spoke to the students about the funeral procession and they explained how they meticulously researched Lincoln's coffin.

This was a real life PBL unit. We teach students about doing research and this is a nice example to show students why careful research is very important outside of the classroom. I was very pleased to hear Mr. Provenzano speak to the students about doing research and using primary sources to confirm information.

A few days later the Lincoln's Coffin was showcased on St. Louis National Public Radio. If you, like me, are an NPR geek, I am sure you heard this.

Classroom of the Week: Mrs. Pranger's 6th Grade ELA classes

Students created a Virtual Museum

Each student in Mrs. Pranger's classes researched a famous person of their choice. After all the research the students wrote a biographical essay about their person. They used all their research about the famous person to create a website about that person. The students even created a web quest to make their site interactive.

Mrs. Pranger's students would appreciate you allowing your class to visit their online museum. They would be very excited to get responses to their web quest.