Sun Smart at Harrington Street PS

Promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

Resources for teachers

No hat, shade play

Students and staff have the responsibility to model sun safe practices when outdoors. This includes:

  • wearing a hat
  • use of SPF30+ sunscreen
  • outdoor activities are scheduled outside peak UV times
  • students not wearing hats play in shaded areas (Area A & B)
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Do you know what these symbols mean?

1. Slip on clothing that covers your arms and legs

2. Slap on a broad brimmed, bucket or legionnaire hat

3. Slop on 30+ broad-spectrum water-resistant sunscreen

4. Seek shade

5. Slide on wrap around sunglasses (if you can manage them)

Class Challenge

Classes are encouraged to create a poster that promotes sun safety. Posters can be created individually, as a group or as a class.

Each class will be asked to submit ONE poster to Mrs Bentley for judging on Friday 6th December. A winning poster from each grade will be selected and used to promote sun safety around our school.

NSW Syllabus links for the Poster Design

New English Syllabus

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Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

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