Asia's Endangered Animals

Dhole - Cuon alpinus

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Excited Dhole by seungmi00

Dholes are Endangered

Dholes, often called the "Red Dog," can be found in eastern Asia, from India to China. These animals are considered endangered since the June of 1970. Dholes use their great teamwork skills, and move in packs to attack and kill animals, even tigers. Some people consider dholes to be a fierce animal so hunters kill them with traps and/or guns.

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  • reddish colour/ brownish highlights
  • similar to foxes and wolves
  • tip of black on its tails
  • lower bodies are yellowish


  • narrow face
  • short and hyena-like appearance
  • teeth are curved and short


  • Length: 88-113 cm (about 3 ft)
  • Tail length: 40-45 cm
  • Male weight: 15-20 kg
  • Female weight: 10-13kg


  • Mating season: October-January
  • no "tug of war"
  • female dholes wait in cat-position


  • "gestation period"- fetus develops, fertilization starts, ending at birth: 60-63 days
  • average of 3-4 pups at a time/ can be up to 12 pups


Food Chain

Main Idea:

  • dietary overlaps with tigers + leopards
  • kill using great teamwork skills
  • one grabs prey's nose
  • rest of pack pull down prey
  • tigers are dangerous prey OR predators
  • rarely kill tigers for food

Above the dholes (predators):

  • humans
  • most of the time, tigers
  • diseases kill dholes a lot /from other animals but most from humans!

Below the dholes (preys):

  • deer
  • sheep
  • rabbits
  • berries + bugs




  • dholes like open spaces (Ex: jungles + forests)
  • grassy meadows


  • Range: moving more from north to southeast Asia
  • Mountain ranges: extending from Tien Shan to Altai Mountains


Below is the dholes' range:

Photo Credit: TBjornstad, via Wikimedia Commons


  • lives in large clans
  • separate into groups of 5-10 hunting
  • lead prey to exhaustion
  • often lead them to water
  • good swimmers
  • pups eat first!



Habitat Loss:

  • forest + jungles destroyed

Other causes:

  • deadly viruses from other species
  • humans (hunters) kill dholes/ think of dholes as dangerous creatures


How you can help

Why we should help the dholes:

  • Dholes are extremely close to being extinct, and numbers of these animals are significantly decreasing each year
  • food chain would be affected

What is being done currently:

  • dholes are protected by new laws and organizations

What you can do:

Many people are offering to donate to help fund for organizations helping endangered animals! Please help the innocent animals and give them a chance to survive by taking a step forward.

  • #1 treat: Humans!
  • vulnerable to diseases
  • from human pollution + deadly viruses
  • save? try best NOT to litter
  • be a sponsor of organizations to help endangered animals (Ex: World Wildlife Fund)


ドール「アイン&シュタイン」 No.2
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