Marie Curie

By:McKenna Mercer

All about Marie Curie!

Marie Curie was born November 7th 1867. Her real name is Maria, but most people call her Marie for short. Marie won 2 Nobel prizes. She discovered radium and polonium. Her parents were both teachers so Marie learned math easily plus she is a physicist.Marie used her spare time to study, read about physics,and chemistry, and she also studied math.

Where did Marie Curie Live?

Marie Curie lived in Poland as a young girl. When Marie got older she went to a school in France. She went to school for physics. Marie is most famous for her discovery IOC radium and polonium.

What in the world did Marie do?

Well Marie was a physicist that means she studies physics. Now you are probably asking what is physics? Physics is the scientific study of matter and energy and how they react together. With that she discovered radium and polonium.

When did she die?

Sadly Marie Curie died July 4,1934 at an age of 64. This all happened in France. What killed her was aplastic anemia. Marie had a long life though , and in that life she had a lot of important discoveries.