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Let's Practice!

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Problem 1

Sara was 35 minutes early to Jamal’s birthday party. The party began at 3:00. What time did Sara arrive at the party?

Problem 2

Jessica and Aaron have been late to school every day this week. It takes them 17 minutes to walk to school, put away their backpacks and get in their seats. School starts at 8:00. What time should Jessica and Aaron leave their house?

Problem 3

Maria went to the mall with her friend Luisa. They stayed at the mall for 2 hours and 15 minutes. The girls left the mall at 4:30. What time did Maria and Luisa arrive at the mall?

Problem 4

Emily’s mother was mad because her room was a mess! It took Emily 1 hour and 20 minutes to clean her room. She finished cleaning at 3:30. What time did Emily begin cleaning her room?

Problem 5

Hunter was 35 minutes late for basketball practice because his bike had a flat tire. He arrived at practice at 4:05. What time did practice begin?

Problem 6

Chelsea has a piano lesson in 19 minutes. Her lesson begins at 1:00. What time is it now?

Problem 7

Macy is the fastest runner in her class. It takes her 13 minutes to run around the track 4 times. If she begins running at 2:35, what time will it be when she finishes the fourth lap?

Problem 8

Spencer wants to go to the movies with his friends, but he has to finish his homework first. It is now 11:15. If his friends are going to pick him up at 1:00, how much time does Spencer have to finish his homework?

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Time Passed

Determine how much time has elapsed between the time on the first clock and the time on the second clock.

Bonus - Time for a Crime

Click here to see if your knowledge of time can help you solve this crime.

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