Yes To Columbus Day!

Thursday October 4th, 2012

Reasons Why Columbus Day Should Be Celebrated :D

Columbus Day should be celebrated for many different reasons. To begin, this day should be celebrated because it recognizes the achievements of an explorer who founded the "The New World". Columbus's arrival in 1492 marked the beginning of the recorded history in American. In addition, another reason why this day should be celebrated is because after Columbus came, millions of other European immigrants brought their art, music, science, medicine, religion, etc. This gave a chance for the New World to have basically establish its own culture. They had created/brought their beliefs and actions in this "New World" they called that was discovered by Columbus. Moreover, many people, for example students, like this day because they get a day off in school. Who wouldn't want that? All in all, Columbus Day should be celebrated because it marks the beginning of history of what is known as now the U.S including other islands like Cuba. We're basically celebrating this day to give thanks to Columbus for the founding of this strong nation.