Tech & Media Mashup

Edition 4- September 22, 2015

iOS 9

Unfortunately, we had some students to update iPads to iOS 9. In some cases, it was the parent who did it. Updating causes the students to lose their apps and it takes away apps in Self Service. If you are a grades 3-5 teacher, please send home communication to parents instructing them NOT to update the iPads ASAP. You may want to do it via Class Dojo if that would be the quickest method to reach the most parents.

Remember, teachers should not update RSS issued iPads either until further notice.

Discovery ED Assessments

Here are a few things to remember as you begin scheduling DE assessments:

  • Students should be given materials they would normally have in a testing situation (scratch paper, etc.)
  • Provide accommodations for students if they would normally receive them in a regular testing situation. (There is no built in read aloud feature for the upper grades. The person providing the accommodation will have to read it.)
  • Remind students that there will be items on the test they may not know how to answer as it may not have been covered yet. The test is cumulative and is designed to determine how much the students know already and in which areas they need more instruction.
  • Allot your students at least an hour of time to complete a benchmark test.
  • When you are assigning the window of time for your tests to be completed, make sure the time you choose is set for correct hours of the school day. (9:00 am instead of pm) If the date or time is set wrong, the students won't be able to access the test.

Sign Up Genius

I have created a sign up Genius for the computer lab. I will put the link on this Smore, on my webpage like last year, and I will also put it in Schoology. I am not going to create sign up pages for the gym, music, & art rooms or the kickball field, gazebo, and popcorn machine. I will hang a regular calendar in the PLT room for those sign ups. All those pages are a lot to manage every month and they rarely get used. It is not worth the time and effort to keep them on Sign Up Genius.

September Computer lab sign up:

October Computer lab sign up:

News Show

Our news show is up and running and it's going pretty well! We have an excellent group of students helping us this quarter! If you have anything that you'd like for us to share or announce on the morning news, please email me or Mrs. Sloop. We'd be glad to share your news!

DE Spotlight

On last year's newsletters, I tried to highlight a Discovery Education strategy. I am going to continue that this year.

Many of you enjoyed using Board Builder last year and when I was looking through DE's new information this week, I came across a brand new resource listing 50 New Ideas for using Board Builder. There is a link in the article that takes you to the list. There is an example of each of the 50 ideas that you can click on and see. There are some good ones on there. Take a minute or two to look at it. It may be something you can put into use in the coming weeks! Here's the link:

From Mrs. Sloop...

Did you know?

Have you ever been in the middle of planning or have you ever seen a good book title and wondered if it was in our library? You can access our library catalog, Destiny, from anywhere. There are two ways to access the catalog: through the main RSS E3 homepage or via the Destiny Quest app.

  • To access through our district homepage, simply go to Staff or Students/Parents and click the drop down and choose Destiny. From there, you'll need to click on Millbridge. The page that comes up will have two tabs. Click on the tab labeled CATALOG.
  • To access via the app, you'll need to download the free Destiny Quest app. Once you load the app, it will ask for a url. Type in the following: Once you're connected, scroll through the listing of schools and select Millbridge.

When using either of these options, I would highly suggest logging in using your using your PowerSchool number for the user name and password. This will allow you to create resource lists and fully utilize the catalog. We'll save those tips for the next newsletter.

I'm trying to work with students to make sure that they have the Destiny Quest app on their iPads (as long as self service is being cooperative). Please encourage them to bring their iPads when they come to browse for books. This puts the catalog right in their hands!

60/20 Score Cards and Color Run

Please continue to encourage your students to participate in the 60/20 program. This is a great way to get our students involved in two healthy life choices- physical activity and reading! Remember that students having 10 of the 20 completed by October 3rd will gain them free entry to the Patterson Farm event. And we hope to see you there too! Remember the school with the largest percentage turnout will get a free tailgate party! And any staff who are runners/walkers are welcome to participate in the Color Run. I helped last year and it really was a fun event!