Annexation is key!

by: Madison Greathouse

Why does Texas need to annexation

Texas has many debts that we cant pay for ourselves as a independent nation the US can help us out with that for sure. We cant forget about the protective army U.S. has to offer to protect there states Texas could us that to help with protection. Us Texans admire the money and postal system, These are some reasons why Texas NEEDS to annex and join the U.S.

Some Americans dont want us to annex?

Why you may wonder and who? U.S. citizens in the north do not want us to annex to the U.S. because we are a slave state and that would throw off the balance of slave states and non slave states. Also we are in pretty heavy debt and if we joined U.S. they would have to pay the debts. Lastly because of Mexico we just won our freedom from Mexico and we aren't really all buddy buddy with Mexico since the revolution.

election of 1844

James k Polk became president that favored annexation! Which made more people favor annexation. That's a amazing advantage for annexation. Now hopefully you want Texas to annex it will help Texans with debts ,gives military protection, and outstanding postal and money systems. If you don't want to annex I don't see why.