The Preschool Learning Center

May 8, 2016

Cinco De Mayo and Music Triumphs in Room 103

Once again, I am amazed at the children and students do. We made musical instruments, we learned about Cinco de Mayo (making mini sombreros), we learned about soft and hard, loud and soft, and played with the high school band as a culmination (and some of us even got to play various musical instruments). An exciting week for sure!!


Snack request...

Some children are starting to tell us they don't like their snack. While we applaud your keeping to the "wellness policy" and encouraging your child to have fruits, we also believe in "variety is the spice of life". Perhaps once a week, pop in a bag of popcorn or one non iced cookie. We had one child who has had apples and plums all semester and then one day last week she had a piece of cake due to her parent's having had a celebration. She had that cake all over her face and you would have thought she was living the high life. Another boy had a pancake for that special treat. Once in a while is fine. It's if you do it each day that it no longer is special and becomes a problem. Just remember "variety is a the spice of life" and even get your child involved in what to pack each day for snack.