British Imperialism of Canada

One of the countries Great Britain imperialized was Canada.

Complete Control

The British worked long to finalize the imperialism in Canada, finally completing it in 1763. This was around the Second Era of Imperialism. Canada wasn't originally a well known target and the British found the land and began to claim it to prevent others from doing so instead.


The immigration of British into Canada aided greatly in the imperialism of the country, great amounts of people to do great amounts of work. These people having been previously familiar with Britain were loyal and easy to imperialize.

Raw Materials and Raw Size

Greed was a common thing back in the 1700s. Leading to the want to have the most or more of something than someone else; greed was a popular reason for Britain Imperialism. With Canada's size and large amounts of Timber and other materials, Britain was up for grabs right from discovery.


The fears of becoming independent only to be absorbed into the United States as well with the loyalty to Great Britain and the act of the British defending Canada led to the finalization of British imperialism in Canada.
Smore by: Jordan McMullin & Fisher Evans