Valley's Design

A description of the school

Over The Years

Valley High School has been around to see decades of students pass through its doors. It was built in 1895, 1917, and 1970, all because there were three separate buildings to accommodate the population of West Des Moines at the current time. The last of the construction was finished on November 1, 2015, when the Performing Arts Center was completed. These multiple building projects have created a school that now caters to over 1,800 students.

The North Side

The north wing of Valley High School houses the math department and several other class subjects. This section of the school is one of the oldest pieces of the massive school shown by the dim lighting and architecture. Though this is an older section it connects to the newest attachment, the Performing Arts Center. The theater is the final piece of the latest updates and has received high praise for its high tech equipment and outstanding acoustics. The Performing Arts Center is the home for all the performing arts of West Des Moines hosting the high schools plays and concerts as well as performances by the elementary schools.

Athletic Facilities

One of Valleys four As is Athletics. This is a well supported aspect of the high school with a stadium that seats 8,000, a field house that seats 3,200, is home to an Olympic size indoor swimming pool, metric track, and baseball/softball field. These facilities easily accommodate the large variety of sports that take place at Valley, including football, soccer, swimming, baseball, track events.