Daymond John

by Drew

Daymond John was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1969. He was an only child. He was born on February 23. He had one parent and lived with his mother. He started selling things he found in dumpsters at age ten. He is now 5'7. He is on two tv shows. The Crow and Shark Tank. Daymond started his own fubu business. The business launched in 1992. Daymond wrote two books. In college, he studied business. The books are " Display of Power and The Brand Within." He failed several times trying to start his business. But he never gave up. He has two girls, "Destiny and Yasmeen." Before he started the fubu business, he was a waiter at Red Lobster. As a young adult, Daymond would always listen to hip hop. He was always supported to start his business by his friends.