PSAT Testing Information

Testing Day is Wednesday, October 10 at 8:20 AM

Juniors will be taking the PSAT-NMSQT

Next Wednesday, October 10, all Juniors will be taking the PSAT test. This is also the qualifying test for students to enter the National Merit Scholar competition (NMSQT). Some Sophomores will be taking the test. If you have specific questions about your Sophomore that is taking the test, please call the Guidance Office at ext. 2124. Here are some basic informational points about our testing day for Juniors:

  1. Testing will begin at 8:20 am. Students cannot be admitted late to their testing room. Please be on time!
  2. Students should be sure to eat something before the test. We will not be providing any snacks during the testing time.
  3. Students are to report to their classroom (which will be posted in the commons next week) by 8:20. We will begin the pre-administration session at 8:25 sharp.
  4. Juniors will be dismissed at 12:15 when they finish their testing. Students who would like to have a lunch may pick it up after testing that day.
  5. All students that are not testing will be on a regular bell schedule (9th and 10th grade students). However, some classrooms will be relocated due to the testing.
  6. Seniors will not be required to be in attendance on Wednesday. This is a great opportunity for them to do a college visit or job shadowing.
  7. Students will not have access to their lockers on the 3rd floor Math/Social Studies Wing during the testing time. This is the space for the Juniors, so this should not be a major concern for most students.

Please let us know if you have specific concerns about testing for your student. Please call Mr. Podgorski (ext. 2103) or Mr. Weaver (ext. 2111).


.....inside the testing room. Please remind your student to either leave their phone in their locker or in their car. If a phone is found inside the testing room, serious consequences may follow. Their score will be voided out by the College Board. Please remind the students to be responsible with their phones!

Did you get your student's PSAT/SAT score report?

....Not sure what that report means? Many of you that are coming to parent conferences this week will receive your student's SAT or PSAT score report from last year. If you would like to watch a 10 minute video about that report and what it means, please click on the link.