Tiger Press

San Marcos Elementary

Weeks of Sept 8th and 14th

Important Dates


8:30 Co-teacher Training

8:30 Instructional Specialist Meeting


Stephanie to DO- AM

2:30 Staff Meeting- Speaker on Project Based Learning


8:30 Instructional Specialist Meeting

2:00 Food Pantry- MPR


No Flag Salute

Fall Picture Day

Imagine Learning Training- Rover subs, AM or PM


No events


2:30 Fire Drill



2:30 PLC Meetings


No Events


8:45 Family Friday


Tiger Tid-Bits

  • We have been super impressed with how quickly you have started to build community and culture in your rooms. It was fun to watch the kids interviewing each other, filling our interest surveys, sharing about their summers, creating personal and school goals and having fun reconnecting with their friends.
  • Big thank you to our custodians, Rosa, Jack, Job and John. Our school is a beast to clean, and they left it sparkling and new feeling (like we like it!). Please help us keep it this way by asking kids to keep hands off the walls.
  • So fun to watch students investigating and researching their country for the GO for the GOLD. One comment from a student, "Turkey is such a cool country! I did not know they had such beautiful beaches there. I want to go visit one day."
  • Please compliment your students on picking up their trash in the AM. One day there was absolutely NO leftover pieces of trash or food on the tables when the bell rang. Impressive!
  • Thank you to all our "veteran" SME teachers for helping our "new" SME teachers the first few weeks of school. We appreciate the time you give to them to help have a successful start.
  • Back to School Night was a hug success. We had so many classrooms filled to the brim, engaged parents, and great information shared with families.


  • ID2 Important Information- We may have to push back the start of ID2 for at least a week. We have not been able to fill the spots yet for our ID2 team. If you know of any good subs that have come in recently, please let our front office staff know. Thank YOU!
  • Enterprise STAR testing window closes on Sept. 18th.
  • Please encourage your 3rd-5th graders to go learn how to play flag football with Coach Miller Mon-Wed. on the football field during their lunch time. Also, 1st-5th grade can participate in our Running Club on the field as well. We have had lots of kids earn their running feet
  • Reminder now that we have lots more technology- please lock your doors when you go home for the evening. We had some students wandering during Back to School Night and were able to get into classrooms that had laptops stilling out in the open.
  • We are going to start our Safe School Ambassadors back up in November. If you are interested in being a Family Facilitator this year, please let Natalie know. We will give you more info on this soon.
  • Intervention will be postponed as well until Sept. 21st. We need to get data on additional students in order to make accurate groups. Thanks!
  • Please keep your Annual Notification parent sheets all together in your rooms. Once you have collected all of them, please turn them into Rosie.


9/3 Grace Ramirez

9/6 LIz Bjorkland

9/17 Patricia Zalidar (cafe)


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