Feelhaver Elementary Fort Dodge

Prairie Lakes AEA Staff Assignments

Building Coordinator-Hope Brown

A Building Coordinator will serve as the point of contact for your buildings in all of your school improvement/MTSS/ESSA work. A Building Coordinator will work with your leadership teams to help carry out ESSA plans, PD plans, analyze data, examine healthy indicators, or secure additional resources needed to ensure all students are learning at high levels. This position will assist with building and systems considerations while meeting regularly with your leadership teams and monthly with the AEA staff serving your buildings.

Special Education Consultant- Amy Champagne

Special Education Consultants are essential team members in the child find process and play an important role during evaluations in determining eligibility for special education services. They collaborate with team members to complete evaluations such as diagnostic academic assessments. In addition, they analyze data to assist teams in the development of Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and appropriate goals.

Regional Administrator-Pam Stangeland

Regional Administrators provide leadership to AEA staff to enable them to work effectively in support of local district improvement planning and implementation efforts. They serve as a resource to AEA staff, school administrators and school district staff on the collaborative problem solving process and AEA service delivery initiative. In addition, they provide guidance and best practice to meet the needs of districts, families, and students.

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Each school is served by a team of specialists from Prairie Lakes AEA, which includes Special Education, Early Childhood, Teacher Leadership , Media, Technology, and content areas including literacy, math, science. Below are the PLAEA staff members that you may see in your building and who work with your district.