Weeks of Jan 19th and Jan 26th

This week and next; you just may need to know this:

1.19.15 Monday - Martin Luther King Holiday

1.20.15 Tuesday - Welcome Back

1.20.15 Tuesday - Fire Evacuation somewhere around 9am

1.20.15 Tuesday - MTSS Leadership Team at Rader @ 3:30 for updates

1.21.15 Wednesday - Rice @ Principal's Meeting (Hardin, Setzer in Leadership Role)

1.22.15 Thursday - Mandated Teacher Workday (Schedule Below)

1.23.15 Friday - Mandated Teacher Workday (Schedule Below)

1.26.15 Monday - Monday's PLC Teams rescheduled to after school this week (see Setzer) Mrs. Setzer in training all day.

1.26.15 Monday - Today is the day! We make $$$. Please promote our school-wide Chocolate Sale. We have many needs and school funds are allocated to particular items, but candy sale funds can be used as needed. Let's set a goal of $20,000 and exceed it. (Think outdoor eating area with trails and flowers just below the blacktop...)

1.27.15 Tuesday - Grades Due at 12pm (Tip: Enter your grades early everyone in the state is entering grades into PowerTeacher this time around K-12)

1.27.15 Tuesday - AMC Monthly Support Meeting: 3:15 @ FHES

1.28.15 Wednesday - PTO Meeting at 5:30pm

1.29.15 Thursday - Report Cards Distributed

1.29.15 Thursday - Dr. Abernathy with Rice around 9:45am

1.29.15 Thursday - Cardinal of the Month Luncheon

1.30.15 Friday - You've got the weekend to sell chocolate. Please Please Please encourage your students and maybe sell some yourself. We can make a difference.

Guess Who's Birthday?

  • Jan. 1st - Teena Floyd
  • Jan. 16th - Aubry Gardner
  • Jan. 31st - Jona Beckham


Goodbye's & Welcome TAs

Julia Reep

It with great sadness that I extend my farewells to Julia Reep. She has served our school well in many capsities. She has worked in the roles of Computer Teacher, Sysop, Cafeteria Monitor, Testing Coordinator and the biggest of all one of our family members at FHES. However; we all need to congratulate her on her new job in GCS as Financial Manager at East Gaston High School.

Shaun Davis

Welcome Mr. Davis! He will replace Mr. McDowell in the Kindergarten Classroom. Mr. McDowell will transition into his new role as Behavior Lab Specialist. Mr. Davis comes to us eager to start and work with our Kinders.

Ty McDowell says goodbye to the Kinders, but will continue to work very hard in our school to make sure we are operating with fewer behavior situations than in the past. We are going to open our behavior lab with the new name of the "End Zone"

The End Zone is a place that really is good. You can score there or not but there is always the chance of success.

Duty Week B

AM Duty 7:15-7:45 B-Week

  • Media (K-1): Hill
  • Car Doors:Hardin/Peterson
  • Front Door: Greenlee
  • Café: Reep/Knox
  • Office Support: Child
  • Gym (2-5): Armstrong/Glenn (M&T)

PM Duty 2:30-3:00 B-Week

  • Café: Miller/Cissel/Ijames
  • Car Door:/Branch/Motes/
  • Vans: McClain/Kelly/Jones


  • Café: Hardin
  • Bus Monitors: Gingles/McDowell
  • Car Radio: Gates
  • Vans/Daycare Radio: Setzer

PLC Note:


Please do the following:

  • If you have not turned in your MOY Spelling Inventory. Please do so on Tuesday
  • Turn in your Pre and Post Common Assessments ELA, Math and Science

Computer Lab

  • The computer lab will be closed the week of Jan 19th for classes.
  • You may take your scheduled time to take your class into the lab to use the equipment if you'd like.
  • Several of you have asked for computer time. Please use it if you need to.

Google Classroom Assignment #2

Your BIG Why

In the Andes Mountains, there were two warring tribes—one that lived in the lowlands and the other, high in the mountains.

One day, the mountain people invaded the lowlanders plundering the village and kidnapping a baby from the village. They vanished with the child and took her back up into the mountains.

The lowlanders—pushed to action at the disappearance of one of their own—didn't know how to climb the mountain. They didn't know any of the trails that the mountain people used, and they didn't know where to find the mountain people or how to track them in the steep terrain.

Even so, they sent out their best party of fighting men to climb the mountain and bring the baby home.

The men first tried one method of climbing and then another. They tried one trail and then another. After several days of effort, however, they had climbed only a few hundred feet.

Feeling hopeless and helpless, the lowlander men decided that the cause was lost, and they prepared to return to their village below.

As they were packing their gear for the descent, they saw the baby’s mother walking toward them. They realized that she was coming down the mountain that they hadn't figured out how to climb. They saw that she had the baby strapped to her back. How could that be?

One man greeted her and said, “We couldn't climb this mountain. How did you do this when we, the strongest and most able men in the village, couldn't do it?”

She looked intently at them and said, “It wasn't your baby.”

  • "It wasn't your baby" ??? (so powerful)

That’s the power of having a BIG why. Your BIG why will get you to push beyond what you thought you were capable of. It will drive you to grade that stack of papers when you’re exhausted, complete that pile of MTSS plans after working a 12-hour day, staying late after school to help your students even though there is a stack of dishes and a pile of laundry waiting for you at home, and make you give up your weekends to plan a new lesson, set up a new lab, or cut out twenty-eight foldables for Monday. Your BIG why is what keeps you going day in and day out.

So, as we start the new semester, I want to know, what’s your BIG why?

Adapted from: MS newsletter

Please don't get behind...there should be 2 post by the end of the workweek.

ESL - ACCESS Test Schedule 2015 (Tentative)

Big image
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Workdays at a Glance

Forest Heights


  • Safety Update w/Video
  • Mid Year Reviews
  • Data and Lesson Review /Critique with Rice (Individual)


  • Team Planning AM
  • Individual Planning PM
  • Data and Lesson Review /Critique with Rice (Individual)

ASEOP review

  • Mrs. Greenlee is NOT the ASEOP person.
  • She IS NOT responsible for your substitute.
  • YOU are assigned an ASEOP number and I expect YOU to use the number to acquire your own subs from this day forward.
  • In the true case she needs to get you a sub let me and Leah know I will advise her to do so. (Emergencies do happen and we all need help…but come on folks think …are we taking advantage of this kindness?) She has a great deal of responsibility without handling yours.
  • Please do not email her that request anymore.
  • Absences are to be recorded in the system and on the pink ASEOP Forms we provide for you.
  • I will always keep the forms, unless there is a question or objection.
  • Please make sure that you have your duties covered in your absences not just your teaching schedule.
  • Check to make sure if we have already used your emergency lesson plans that you have replaced them with new ones.