Come and enjoy this Spooky Night!

Halloween is coming soon!

Every one likes to dress up and be something their not so why not come and enjoy this awesome party on Halloween!!!

Inde Phoenix

Saturday, Oct. 31st, 9-11:45pm

Hugoton, KS, United States

Hugoton, KS

Wear a costume and be prepared to join this party!!!


At 9 we will began the party and start the music. Then around 9:30 we will put out the refreshments and snacks for every one. So about 10:30 there will be a special surprise for our guest so come prepared and with a sense of humor!!! Then around 11 we will bring out the games and then 11:45 we will pass out candy bags so you can have a special treat before you go.

Coming from the Party Owner

Beware you must be 14-21 to join this party and don't come alone bring a friend or two and let them enjoy the fun and every one will have a great night!