gov. project

By: Emily and Ariana

Representative: Kenny Marchant

-24th district

-born Feb. 23rd in bonham, tx

-He graduated from R.L. Turner high school and attended south nazarene in oklahoma.

-Graduated with a business degree.

- worked as a real estate developer before going into politics.

-was elected mayor 1980-1984

-became a member of the house of reps in 1987-2004

-2004 and 2006 he was elected to congress

-married with 4 children and 2 grandchildren in coppell texas

-his son is mayor of carrollton


-students in coppell: 9,955

-population in destrict: 18-64: 66%

-% of district with a college degree: 33%

-compared to texas: 27%

-occupation most worked: business management

-compared to texas: nursing.


-mission statement: "to give leadership and resources to help schools meet its education goals.

Function of the agency

-to provide the utensils needed to help meet federal and state standards.

Agency impact

-makes a difference in citizens taxes

-Help students in school

-Help jobs

Jobs within the agency

Teaching, school counselor, state developer.