Me, Myself, and I

By: Haylea Roberson

You're were born original, don't die a copy.

I have a "blue" personality type. That means that I am very social, and I am caring and considerate toward others. I hate to see people hurting physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. I am very compassionate, honest and loyal to my friends, and would never let anything break us apart. I am not very competitive; not wanting to hurt others feelings. This also makes me bad at making quick decisions. I like to work in groups so I can socialize and and help out others. I usually get along well with others. It is said that people with a "blue" personality type " are the glue that keeps our society united."

Kuder self-assesment results

There is no "i" in team

When working in a group or on a team, I am the supporter. This means that I am sensitive, open, and tactful. I operate through feelings and emotions and place value on helping others. I relate well with others, listen, and encourage others.

"somtimes i write what i can't paint, and i paint what i can't write, i use a different part of my brain." ~ Erin Morgenstern

My left and right brain scores where extremely close, Left brain: 32 Right brain: 31. So overall I am basically whole brained. This means I use both sides of my brain almost equally while thinking. Whole-brained thinkers tend to mix work and fun, and try to make their work fun. They can be serious or they can be silly, it all depends on the situation.

"Where talent is a dwarf, self-esteem is a giant" ~ John Petit-Senn

On my self-esteem test I scored a 75. 75 on the self-esteem ranking is average. This means my self-esteem level is not high, but it is close to being high. It also means I am comfortable in my self-esteem level.

My Life values

  1. Friends
  2. Family
  3. Public Service
  4. Personal Growth
  5. Spiritually
  6. Work Satisfaction
  7. Home and Place
  8. Leisure Presuits
  9. Financial Resources

My Hobbies

  1. Painting
  2. Cooking
  3. Hunting
  4. Writing
  5. Hanging out with friends
  6. Watching Movies

Future education goals

Freshman year I will:
  1. Continue to get A's and B's on report cards.
  2. Do well on the Final Exams.
  3. Join Tennis & possibly Softball.
Sophomore year I will:
  1. Continue to get A's & B's on report cards.
  2. Get a temporary job.
  3. Do well on final exams.
  4. Send college applications.
Junior year I will:
  1. Continue to get A's & B;s on report cards.
  2. Do well on final exams.
  3. Send college applications.
  4. Go on college visits.
Senior year I will:
  1. Continue to get A's & B's on report cards.
  2. Do well on final exams.
  3. Go on college visits.
  4. Send college applications
  5. GRADUATE! :)

Back To the Future

In my career future I would love to be a Surgeon. As a surgeon I would be able to do what I love; help people. Becoming a surgeon would be a challenge, but I love challenges. My ideal location to work would be in Florida, possibly near Orlando, because I have a lot of family around that area.