Kidney Stones

Urinary Stones

What is it?

kidney stones are small balls of calcium that form in the kidneys if you have a diet with big portions of dairy or calcium.
How Do Kidney Stones Form? How Can We Prevent Them?

How the body functions normaly

The kidneys will filter out alThe kidneys will filter out alcohol and bacteria from entering the bloodstream.cohol and bacteria from entering the bloodstream.

who does it affect?

Kidney stones can happen to anyone with a diet high on dairy of calcuim.

how does it start?

Kidney stones begin with a buildup of calcium in the kidneys forming into a ball witch gathers minerals on the sides of it witch cut open the urinary track


you will feel exctutiating pain in the lower chest/ genitals

what are the symptoms of kidney stones?

Symptoms: blood while urinating, extreme pain in your back and genitals.


Treatment for kidney stones are just passing them as they are, taking medication to break them down, or surgery to remove them if they are large enough.

life expectency

The life expectancy of someone with kidney stones is 90 - 100.
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