Dragster Results

By:Megan Walkenhorst

My Car

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This s'more is about my dragster and its results.

Research Done

What is speed?

Speed is how fast you go for a certain amount of time. The equation for speed is distance divided by time.

What factors on the design of the car have an effect on speed?

Some factors include ventilation, shape, and aerodynamics.


A car that has electricity hybrid fuel cell helps with saving energy and gas mileage.


What factors are important to successfully launch the car?

Some factors that are important are to make sure that there is nothing blocking the launch hole. Also, you must make sure that the hole is done in the right spot and the right size.

What are the best features of my car?

Some of my car's best features are the size and shape because it will make it go fast. Also, the colors are very eye catching.

Is there anything that could negatively affect your car?

Yes, if my car's launch hole has stuff in it then it won't work.

How many mph will my car go?

I think my car will go 2 mph.


What turned out well?

What turned out well at first was my speed but then it didn't cross the finish line. I feel like my design also turned out well.

What did I enjoy the most?

What I enjoyed the most was working on the machines. I wasn't as scared when I was working on the band saw as last year so I had more fun.

What could be better and what would I improve or do differently next time

What I could do better on is taking a little more time on the launch hole so then it wouldn't have stuff in it. What I would improve on is the shape of my car because I think it might have slowed it down.

What was my least favorite part?

My least favorite part was working on inventor because it was kind of hard and I don't really like doing it.

My Speed

Distance was 20 feet

Time was 3.37 seconds

Speed=5.9 ft. per second


Overall, I really enjoyed this project and I hope we can work on the band saw in the next project.