Julius Caesar

"Beware the ides of March"

Act 1:

In act 1, Flavious and Marellus are chanting through the streets of Rome of the victory of Caesar defeating Pompey. They also want to see Caesars procession in the city. Caesar owes his popularity at the procession of the victory defeat of Pompey. Caesar refuses the crown but still wants leadership.

Act 2:

Cassius goes and talks to Brutus and convinced Brutus to turn against Caesar. Calpurnia also thinks that she is unworthy of her husbands trust, so Calpurnia stabs her leg to find out the secret of the planning of Caesar's assassination.

Act 3:

Caesar hears of his wife nightmare, of his statue bleeding. Then try to convince Caesar not to go to the council meeting. Caesar then says the his that he is superior to all danger and harm and won't get harmed and that the people are amused by his presence.

Act 4:

Mark Antony's funeral speech in honor of Caesar's death, states a fund of money set aside in order to raise an army against Brutus and Cassius.

Act 5:

Octavius Caesar’s has gained authority over Rome. Cassius dies after failing to perceive the truth; and he dies from his own sword, the same sword that killed Caesar.