Chapter 27 Section 2 & 3

Summer Huff, Lauryn Luttrull, Emily Kirkelie, Esmi Rodriguez

Section 2 : Imperialism

A policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force

European nations wanted to control more of their conquered peoples,

so each colonized region used a certain form of governing:

  • colony - governed by a foreign power
  • protectorate - allowed its own government but was under the control of a foreign power
  • sphere of influence - claimed as the exclusive investment or trading realm of a foreign power
  • economic imperialism - controlled by private businesses rather than by a foreign government

Section 3 : Europeans Claim Muslim Lands

The Ottoman Empire lasted for hundreds of years

  • 1800s - Slightly weak
  • 1850s - Almost lost against Russia until Britain and France stepped in
  • 1914 - Empire is now smaller than it has ever been

Muslim Leaders saw this decline and decided that they should modernize their countries

  • Muhammed Ali, in Egypt, got out of Ottoman control

He pushed Egypt's farmers to grow cotton (cash crop in demand)

Peasants suffered when they stopped growing food

When Egypt finally had money troubles, Britain took control