Mrs. Wilson's Class

January 12-16

This Week

Students were given time to work on their Nonfiction project, which is due Friday, January 16. We have been looking at text features that appear in nonfiction books.

Sixth graders took the STAR test on Tuesday and seventh graders took the test on Wednesday. Some of these dates may be different from last weeks newsletter due to the fact that I was out sick on Monday. However, I saw some exceptional gains! Overall, each of the classes saw growth in average scale score points. Keep up the reading at home. To help the gain continue, make sure the books that your child is selecting are in their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). This will ensure that your child is reading a book that is just right for them. A book within your child's ZPD will provide challenges without frustration. Your child should know their ZPD. They may not have it memorized but they do have it written down here at school in their Readers Notebook.


January 16- Nonfiction Project is due

January 16- ALL Late Work is due

January 22- End of Term 2 and Semester 1

January 23- No School (PD Day)

January 26- Scholastic Book Order is due Class Code: H6DJC

January 30- Discovery World Permission Slips are due

February 18- Discovery World Field Trip

February 26- Six Flags Read to Succeed Slips are due

February 27- All box tops and soup labels are due

Quote of the Week

I feel this is a good quote to go along with the mid-year STAR Testing. If we did "good" or "bad", we have to keep reading and learn from our past mistakes and successes to make ourselves better readers.
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Random Acts of Kindness

Before break, I had a quick conversation with the kids about random acts of kindness. I had the students raise their hand if they had ever done a random act of kindness. A few hands went up and we talked about how it felt to do something for someone else. I talked about how I went out on Christmas Eve a few years ago with some family members and we performed small random acts of kindness in the community (i.e. left quarters at the laundry mat, bought a gift card at Piggly Wiggly or the BP to be used on the next person in line). My examples involve money but many acts don't have to.

I found this article a little too late. Feel free to share this with your child and pick a few acts of your own to perform. Help make the world a better place one smile at a time.

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