Inclement Weather Alert

Memorial Hall Edition

The 411 on Inclement Weather

Memorial Hall will receive warnings regarding inclement weather from, UGAAlert , Tornado sirens, and Desktop alerts.

Alerts will be issued in the even of a Tornado Watch and Tornado Warning. A Tornado Watch is issued to alert the public to the possibility of a tornado, normal activities will not be interrupted. Upon notification of a Tornado Warning, everyone should proceed to the tornado safe area on the 1st floor.

Hooper Street Entrance Volunteer Information

As a part of the Hooper Street Volunteer Team, it is your duty to communicate with each other. One volunteer should stay by the door ( Development/ Conduct hallway). One volunteer stays by the ballroom to direct traffic downstairs. Lastly, one volunteer works with academics to ensure rooms are open for crowd control.
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Things to Remember

1. Remain calm, as students enter the facility, let them know what is going on

2. DO NOT use the elevators

3. If you have a radio take it with you

4. Keep yourself safe and as far away from exterior doors and windows as possible

5. Cannot force anyone to stay against their will