Martin Luther

Saint or Sinner?


Martin Luther was a theologian in 16th century Germania. He protested against the corrupt practices of the Catholic Church at that time, leading to the Protestant Reformation and the creation of many new Christian denominations. View on him vary, as some see him as a saint, and others see him as a sinner. This article presents both sides of the argument.

What makes Martin Luther a saint?

Martin Luther may be considered a saint because he fought against perceived corruption in the Catholic Church, as many of his 95 Theses addressed the sale of papal indulgences, certificates taught to be able to absolve the buyer of his or her sins. In addition, he stood up for what he believed in, which in itself is not an evil act. Finally, he inspired many other religious reformers to lead new denominations of Christianity, which increased religious freedom.

What Makes Martin Luther a Sinner?

Martin Luther can also be considered a sinner, especially to the Catholic Church, which excommunicated him. He went against the existing church doctrine, which can be considered sinning by the Catholic Church. In addition, the creation of more religious denominations resulted in more religious conflicts, as those who converted to Protestantism were threatened by persecution, from the Spanish and Roman inquisitions to Bloody Mary. Finally, although he promoted religious freedom by rebelling against the Catholic Church and establishing his own beliefs, he became intolerant of the beliefs of others, and verbally attacked their beliefs. Even though his life was dedicated to religious freedom, he hindered the freedoms of others.

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