Food Insecurity in South Africa

A Global Challenge

Food Insecurity Statistics

  • About 240 million in Sub- Saharan Africa are undernourished.
  • 36% of the population lives below the poverty line
  • Most food is too expensive to buy enough to feed a family
  • Unemployment is 25
  • $13,000/ yr is the average income
  • 50% of households run out of money for food
  • About 20% of children go to bed hungry
  • About 34% of people skip meals
  • About 48% of the population has food security
  • 9% of children are underweight
  • 17.5% of children are stunted in growth
  • 4% of children are wasting(starving)

Quote from "Cry, The Beloved Country"

"But School Books Cost money, and my husband is ailing, and when he is well it is only thirty- five shiilings a week. And six shillings of that is for rent, and three shillings for traveling, and a shilling that we may all be buried decently, and a shilling for the books, and three shillings is for clothes and that is little enough... And that leaves seventeen shillings for food for six and we are always hungry." (pg. 84)

Foods commonly eaten in South Africa


Maize is commonly eaten with a side of pork or other available meat.

Beetroot, cabbage, and pumpkin are common side vegetable served.

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South Africa's Food Insecurity Compared to the Rest of the Africa

South Africa lies in 72nd place in the world for children under the age of five who are underweight. South Africa has the lowest rates of undernourished children among the Sub-Saharan countries. They have been seeing a steady incline of healthy weighted children and lowering rates of starvation.
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