Smore Online Flyers and Newsletters

A fun easy way to spread the word online

Why try out Smore online flyers?

Top 5 Reasons I Think Smores are Awesome!

1. It is free. It is easy. It is instantly mobile. With a few simple clicks you are able to customize backgrounds, colors and fonts. It is also super easy to link Google applications, add pictures, videos, music and other cool features.

2. They are as consumable to your online audience as a traditional smore is consumable to a kid on a camping trip! Our stakeholders are online and wired for a large portion of the day. Smores are an excellent way to reach students, parents, community members and more. You can email, embed, share on social networking sites, and even print your Smore flyers so that they can reach your audience.

3. It is an environmentally responsible thing to do, and will save you prints. There is also a print feature if you did want a post them on bulletin boards as they do look so nice.

4. It is easy to create an account, and did I mention, it's free? All you need is an email, and Smore saves your profile and flyers.

5. You can easily promote your flyers and receive detailed analytics to see how many people are reading your flyers, for how long, if they are visiting your links and more. (Note: Analytics are available after 30 people open your flyer, and Smore sends frequent emails to the creator with updates on their analytics.

See Below For a Quick Smore Overview and Tutorial

Smore Online Flyer and Newsletter Creator

Any Questions?

If you would like more information or support building your first Smore, please contact me,, or your school's Instructional Technology Specialist for support.

Have fun! Spread the Word!