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About the Estonian song festivals

Estonian Music Festivals.

The Estonian song festival was started in the year 1869. That was 145 years ago. The average amount of people each time can be more than 18,000. Though there can be as many as 25,000 to 30,000. This happens every five years in Tallinn, Estonia. In the summertime, all these people gather, and sing as one country.

History of the Estonian Music Festivals

The Estonian Song festival is one of the largest amateur music events in the world. The tradition of the song festival was born along with Estonian National Awakening. The first national song festival was held in Tartu in the summer of 1869

Estonia's fate was sealed when Nazi Germany and the USSR made a secret pact in 1939, handing Estonia over to Stalin. Thousands of Russian soldiers arrived, along with weapons between 1939 and 1941. The Estonians were scared, but did not fight back. They used singing and music as a protest, and way to show their unity.

In the 19th century, Estonia was under control by the Russian Empire. The Estonians used a non-violent way to revolt against them. They used singing to show strength. That they wouldn’t give up.