Stand Out From the Crowd!

The Interview Gets The Job!

Even with a fantastic resume, great qualifications, the right education, it still comes down to the critical interview. With a competitive job market, you need to make a positive impact with employers, and stand out from the crowd.

One key element is to research - the career field, the particular job, and the employer. Research will go a long way in helping you tailor your resume and interview responses, and will demonstrate to the company you are serious about the position.

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What to Research

  • The company website - Understand their values, mission, challenges, competition
  • Conduct an Internet search - What do others say about the company?
  • Use employer research sites -,,,,, - and many more!
  • What is the typical salary, benefits, work environment, company culture?
  • Ask people in your network what they know about the company and the people who work there
Tips for job seekers: How to research a company before your job interview

Preparing Your Interview Responses

How do you know what to say when you don't know what you will be asked? Well, if you did your research, you will have gained valuable insight as to what is important to the company. Also, be sure to know yourself, your accomplishments and...


Be sure to take time to work with someone (a career coach, friend, family member, colleague) and practice answering interview questions. When you only rehearse in your mind or try to "wing it", you may not succeed in giving stellar responses to interview questions.

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Prepare Your Interview Attire

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Prepare Your Interview Responses - Remember, You're a STAR





Use this acronym to help you craft responses to interview questions, where you can remember to highlight your skills and accomplishments. All too often, applicants fail to give specific information during an interview. Hiring managers hear, "I'm a people-person" too many times. After a while, that response just blends in with the multitude of applicants, and you are quickly forgotten.

You can stand out from the crowd by giving well thought out answers that focus on your past accomplishments and how you can bring those skills to your future employer.

How Do I Use STAR?

S = Explain the situation, where you were working or the job title.

T = Describe the issue, what was the problem?

A = What actions did you take?

Be specific.

R = What was the result of those actions? What happened?

Biggest Job Interview Mistakes - Interview Tips from CareerBuilder

Avoid These Mistakes

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"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."

Thomas A. Edison

The job search may be challenging at times; however, you can increase your chances of getting the job you want by following these simple guidelines. Keep in mind that the interview is your time to SHINE! Show the employer your best self, highlight your accomplishments, and demonstrate how you will be a positive member on their team.

Your persistence and hard work will pay off!

Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life

Please do not attempt stunts seen in video!

Lori Cleymans