Remembering the Ladies

What were the role of women during the civil war?

Back bone of the war

Before the Civil War women were portrayed to only as caregivers to their families and required to complete house duties, But the civil war clearly redefined the meaning of these women and what they had to offer. They became the back bone of the war because of their many great roles

women who fought

Because women were not allowed to fight in the war they took matters into their own hands and disguised themselves as men to fight. Over 400 women disguised as men fought in the civil war, examples of these women are: Frances Clayton, Sarah edmonds Seelye, and Mary Edwards Walker. Many of these women were not found out to be men until after their death.


clara Barton

Most famous civil war nurse; she founded the American red cross, offered many supplies to the wounded, and she moved to Morris Island to tend to the rapidly growing amount of sick and wounded soldiers.

Secret weapons

Many women were secret weapons of the war. They would be spies for the army, some would be performing for the opposing side and while soldiers were relaxed they would speak of potential moves and the "performer" would return the message of the plans. Many men during that time did not believe that women would ever be spies because they were seen as meat so the men let their guards down.

Example: Rose Greenhow was a spy and arrested for passing messages throughout the war and influenced the winning of the Battle of Bull Run


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