Ron Burgundy

A Tragic Hero

What Makes a Tragic Hero?

  • They are noble and great, and embody nobility and virtue.
  • They are not perfect and should be seen as flawed
  • Their downfall is partially their own fault and is triggered by some error of judgement or a character flaw, and is often caused by hubris.
  • Their misfortune isn't wholly deserved and punishment is more than the crime
  • The hero learns something from their fall
  • The tragedy does not leave the audience in a state of depression

Ron Burgundy is noble and great

He is held above all people. He is noble and everyone loves him. Especially people from San Francisco, they hold him in the highest regard, he is the most beloved.

His Downfall was Partially his Fault

Ron let all of the fame and publicity get to his head. He thought that whatever he said was right and that led to him being taken of television.

He learns from his mistakes

Ron soon realizes that he needs to share the spotlight. He realizes that women should be treated equal and that he in fact is not the best. This is all brought to light when he falls from grace.

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we are not left depressed

Even after all of the sad things happen to our tragic hero, (Ron) we are not left depressed. We learn from his mistakes as much as he does, and even when things in his life turn bad they have a way of spiraling back up.

Proof of him being a Tragic hero

"This is Ron Burgundy, proudly reporting once again for Channel 4 News. Today's story is one of the more remarkable things ever to happen to San Diago or even the world. But in order to properly retell it, I'm going to need some help from my co-anchor, Miss Veronica Corningstone", in this quote we see how Ron Burgundy has learned from his mistakes. In the beginning he wouldn't work with a women and now he publicly recognizes her.
Anchorman: Baxter is Punted Scene
This video shows us just how down to earth Ron Burgundy is and how tragic and sad he felt when he lost his dog to an angry biker.