People Should have rights to a Gun

“An armed society is a polite society.” – Robert Heinlein

We have the right to our 2nd Amendment!

People should have rights to have a gun because the second amendment say rights to bear arms they didn't say who have right to bear arms, so it should be fair that people have one with them cause some people need it to protect them. People need protects for them self to because there will not always be somebody around to help them in 37 US states protect the right to bear arms for self-defense, most with explicit language such as alabama's.(procon)

Guns protect us!

They should not take away gun rights from people cause look at how many guns saved people life's now if they take away guns .How many people gonna be protected by law??

Horrendous crimes can be prevented!!

Recently in Brooklyn, New York...."One of the teens pointed a gun at the victim’s father and told him to leave the area. “The father complied and each one of the five suspects raped the victim,” the department said in statement issued Sunday. By the time her father had located an NYPD patrol vehicle and directed two officers back to the playground, her rapists had fled, police said." (Simone Wilson