By:Piper Neely

A Brief HIstory of Uganda

The British ruled over Uganda. In the 1920s coffee and tea were growing in large amounts in Uganda. The census said that there was around 5 million Ugandans in 1948. On October 9th, 1962, Uganda became independent from Britain. Today Uganda has about 35 million people. It is one of the main producers of coffee.

10 Facts About Uganda

  1. Soccer is the most popular sport in Uganda
  2. It is about the size as the state Oregon
  3. Has a tropical climate
  4. The average temperature is 82.4 degrees fahrenheit
  5. Has mountain gorillas
  6. Mountain gorillas are almost extinct
  7. Kampala is Uganda's capital
  8. Uganda ahs 1061 species of birds
  9. Phill Lewis, a t.v. actor is from Uganda
  10. A picture of a grey crowned crane is depicted on the Ugandan flag