By: Andrea Brinkley

Job Description

Criminologists study a variety of factors to determine why a criminal commit a certain crime. They consider physiological and social concerns, research data, and the background of the criminal.


Average salary for a criminologists is $78,810
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Work Conditions

  • office
  • lab
  • coroner's office
  • crime scene

Educational background

In order to be a criminologist, you must at least have a Bachelor's degree. Most criminologist have a degree in psychology, sociology, or Criminology.

Career Ladder

  • Internship
  • Junior or assistant Criminologists
  • Criminologists
  • Chief Criminologists

Employment Outlook

The job outlook for this field is expected to grow by 15% from 2012-2022. This job will always be in demand because it involves crime.

Related Jobs

  • Police officer
  • Prison officer
  • Social worker
  • Youth worker


Being able to do math and statistics, view gruesome scenes, work with people, and good with technology are all skills needed to be a criminologist.


  • Over time you will develop a sharp mind.
  • Criminologists help prevent crime which helps the society.
  • Your work isn't repetitive; you get to do different things.


  • The academic training is difficult
  • There's strong competition
  • You have to work long hours