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Planner Features:

  • Six beautiful cover designs and two layouts to choose from-- 5-period or 8-period
  • Inspirational quotes to inspire growth mindset, mindfulness & reflection\
  • A handy placeholder ribbon

    for quick access to the day's lessons, tasks, and reminders.
  • Yearly, monthly and weekly prompts to stimulate thoughtful reflection and adequate space to respond
  • Monthly calendar view for quick reference (with accommodation for noting alternating day schedules)
  • Weekly/Daily Monday thru Friday lay-flat view with full-sized lined columns and rows to record lesson topics and ideas for classes and after-school or club activities
  • Weekly “looking back” & “looking forward” pages with introspective prompts and self-assessment activities to support holistic professional and personal growth
  • Unlimited printable checklists, forms, and reflection activities

Journal Features:

  • Three striking colors in soft-touch leatherette
  • Left-facing journal pages start and end your day with two morning and evening prompts that inspire awareness and action.
  • Right-facing lined pages afford the opportunity to capture daily insights or to simply jot a few notes or reminders.

Introducing: The Intentional Educator Planner for Administrators, Department Chairs, Instructional Coaches and Lead Teachers

The Newest Edition to the Intentional Educator Family

This planner is designed for school leaders who strive to be productive, effective and reflective

Planners Features:

  • Flexible daily layout ideal for scheduling and organizing meetings, learning walks, and classroom visits
  • Ample space for jotting down notes, tasks, and observations
  • Monthly calendar view for quick reference with accommodation for noting alternating day schedules
  • Weekly “looking back” & “looking forward” project planning and self-reflection pages (next year they will be available for print out and not included in the planner itself to reduce size and paper).
  • Motivational quotations to inspire growth and productivity

The Intentional Learner Academic Year Student Planner

What the Intentional Learner Planner can help your students do:

  • Foster growth mindset, mindfulness, self-assessment, and reflection
  • Support the development of research-based strategies for self-regulated learning
  • Establish healthy academic, social and emotional (SEL) habits
  • Crush procrastination
  • Set goals, stay on track, achieve success!

Planner Features:

  • Convenient and portable 6x9 size w/ spiral binding
  • Monthly and weekly academic year layout
  • Opportunity for weekly goal setting, assessment & reflection
  • Academic progress tracker
  • Weekly emotional and mental check-in to monitor well-being
  • Inspirational quotes