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9/25/15 TMS LT Agenda

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Logging In To Canvas

Canvas Step By Step Directions

Step By Step Directions, With Pictures, To Access Apps and Materials on Canvas.

Apps For Canvas on Android or Apple Phones and Tablets

There is a free app for Canvas Android in Google Play, or in the App Store for Apple devices.


Updated Notes for Math I, Math II, and Math III from DPI

Updated Notes for Fine Arts from DPI

Iredell Museums Presents Margaret the Mummy Treasure of AL-Fayium

Field trips to North Carolina's only mummy. Click here for more information.


Secondary School visits: Kelly Cooper, Sherrard Lewis Martin, Phil Harden and Traci Fox are doing walks as a team, so you might see us at your school together. Don’t panic! We’re working as a team and together we’re thrilled to see the many celebrations in your schools as well as gathering ideas for PD. Not a “gotcha.” Just us supporting our folks.

Help Desk

Help Desk Number: In case you don’t have it, here it is. (980) 549-0549. Someone is usually at this number at least by 8:30 a.m.

PD Opportunities

Designing a Mobile App

PBL project: This week’s is on Designing a Mobile App!!!

These are usually very well planned.

Food For Thought


One-armed high school wide receiver sets records Resource 1

Quick, “to the point” :30 commercial with Stephen Curry (notice the last frame: “You are the sum of all your training.”) For a behind the scenes/Stephen explains his mindset video, check this out (0:53 seconds)