Spanish 3 Online

Week 5 Update

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What are we doing this week?

We only have 2 1/2 more weeks left in the quarter. GASP! Most students have been doing a great job of turning assignments in on time and going back and making corrections. If your student is behind, please encourage them to put in more time outside of their regularly scheduled period at school to get back on pace. The material in this course requires practice and study because students must demonstrate proficiency with the grammar. If your student is having difficulty with the speaking assignments, encourage them to take time to practice reading through the text (several times, if necessary) before they record, rather than taking the "one and done" approach. When learning a language, practice really does make perfect!

What help is available to your student in the course?

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If your student is feeling overwhelmed with the content of the course and needs help, please consider the Peer Tutoring Center. It is a FREE resource and there are tutors available to help with Spanish 3. Here is how it works:
  • Your student should go to this website:

  • When prompted, they will enter in their user ID, which is their student number, and the password "upswing" (no quotes). There are tutors available to help in Spanish III!
  • If your student needs a little extra support with organization, time management, and/or assignments, consider having them paired with a "Virtual Buddy". All you have to do is agree with your student and their ELA to participate in the program. Once you have done this, email me @ and copy your student's ELA on the email and I'll do the rest. Within 24 hrs. your student will be paired with a "Virtual Buddy"!

Sra. Blachy's U3 RLC

Thursday, Sep. 29th, 12pm

This is an online event.

I scheduled my RLC during the school day for the benefit of those students who have this class later in the day. Please encourage your student to attend if they are able.

Other U3 RLCs this week:
  • 9/28 @ 7 pm : Sr. Martin
  • 9/30 @ 5 pm: Sra. Melo

How to Contact Me

If you would like to schedule a phone conference with me to discuss your student's progress, please use my doodle link below.