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St. Petersburg is a large beautiful city in the north-western part of Russia.

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It is a city of white nights, green parks, numerous channels and bridges, granite embankments and railings.

Petropavlovskaya fortress

The St. Peter and Paul Fortress is located on the Hare Island. The fortress was always used only as political prison and never had any importance for military purposes.

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This is fired every day at 12:00 pm to provide everyone with an accurate check for their clocks and watches.


The palace and park ensemble of Peterhof was founded by Peter I in 1705 on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland.The Grand Palace is the main building of the palace and park ensembleThe author of the project is Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli.

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The view of the facade of the Grand Palace from the Upper or Lower Park is impressive. The palace is a three-storey building of almost three hundred meters in length.


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