Heather Heiges


This would be my dream career because i'm very interested in the medical field, but I don't necessarily like the whole aspect of working with patients constantly. I take interest in working in the lab and possibly eventually being able to create my own drugs and being able to sell them to help try sick people all around the world.

Getting Started

There are multiple ways that someone could begin to pursue this career. Personally, I believe that the best way to get a taste of what this career would be like is to start either an Internship so you can be in the action, or contacting a local Pharmacist. After figuring out if it's the right career for me, I will start looking into the possible schools that I could attend to get a degree in this field, and start signing up and preparing for the classes that I will need in order to get the actual degree.


Being a Pharmacist could mean many different careers paths that I could take. I could travel around to different hospitals as a Pharmacist, I could specialize in the education of patients about the prescriptions that they are taking, or I could just work in the lab with the drugs. There's many different locations/types of Pharmacies that I could work in, like a hospital, or a drug store, or even a Walgreens or Rite Aid.

Additional Information

Responsibilities: Filling Prescriptions, Monitoring Drug Interactions, Educate Patients, Insurance and Record, etc.

Salary: Starting salary is about $114,000

Top Pharmacy Schools in MI: Ferris, Michigan, Kirtland